When it comes to polishing your natural stone flooring, there is an entire process to accomplish before reaching this stage.  Polishing is what brings out the natural shine in your stone tiles.  This is usually the second to last step in the restoration process.   Before you can even begin to do the polishing process, Read More

One thing that you will find that due to everyday use and traffic, you will start noticing wear and deterioration on your natural stone floors.  And without knowing the proper cleaning and maintenance that your floors need can leave them looking dull, worn, and dirty.   That is where the refinishing or restoration process comes Read More

We all know how much of an investment a natural stone floor can be to install into our home, but it always adds this beauty and character to whatever room we are placing it in.  Taking care and maintaining that investment is important.  Part of that maintenance and care is making sure that you have Read More

When choosing beautiful and natural stone for your flooring, taking the proper care of it is taking care of your investment.  Giving your natural stone flooring the proper care has many positives.  One of the big ones is that it will give your flooring the expected lifespan of the natural stone.   It’s very important Read More

  There will come a time where the beautiful stone surfaces within your home or business will be damaged or flawed.  This can easily happen from something as simple as dirt on the bottom of your shoe eroding slowly away from the stone surface, which then can eventually cause it to become damage. Acidic substances Read More