Terrazzo is made in a very unique way and has been around for several centuries.  It is a tile that was created out of frugal needs than anything.  The creators, Venetian marble workers, took the left over marble chips that they had and mixed it with the concrete to pour out on their terraces.  It Read More

Before we divulge into what terrazzo tiles look like, let’s take a look at the history and where it came from.  Knowing a bit more about its history and how it came to be can help us get a better idea of terrazzo.   Though some archaeologists have found some evidence of terrazzo tiling being Read More

Terrazzo is that beautiful natural stone flooring that is made out of the marble chips mixed with either concrete or resin.  Once they are combined, it makes this really smooth and luxurious flooring that captures the beauty of marble.  It is very durable though made out of marble chips.   It is a rather porous Read More

Terrazzo tiles that are used for flooring are made out of either marble, granite, or quartz chips mixed into either cement or resin.  You will find that though terrazzo flooring is very durable and very easy to care for, that it can easily stain as well. To help prevent the staining from happening, it is Read More

  Terrazzo flooring has become a popular favorite due to not only its durability, but also its beauty with art.  The name for this flooring came from the words Terrace or Terrazza, which are Italian.  They roughly translate into “A form of mosaic flooring made by embedding small pieces of marble in mortar and polishing.” Read More