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Concrete Floors Houston

Concrete Floors Houston

When it comes to Concrete Floors Houston specialists in the area, there is no better option than Floor ReNew Houston. We have the ability to deep clean natural stone and concrete floors without scratching or damaging the surface due to our professional cleaning system that doesn’t use abrasives.

Floor ReNew Houston offers competitive Concrete Floors Houston services in your local area!

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Concrete Floor Services

Sealed Concrete Floors Houston

We are a full-service sealed concrete floors Houston company that offers a wide range of services, both interior and exterior concrete flooring. With the increase in home remodeling in the past few years and the advent of the “outdoor room” concept our sealed concrete floors Houston specialists have seen the lines blur between traditionally interior finishes and other flooring finishes. We can certainly help you simplify and navigate through the available options and decisions that necessary to the consumer.

Scored Concrete Floors Houston

Our scored concrete floors Houston services are an easy way to increase depth and texture to an otherwise blank slate floor. Our scored concrete floors Houston specialists can improve your floor features with a series of cut groves to create a distinct pattern or design. Our Scoring concrete provide services for both indoor and outdoor concrete floors to achieve a variety of incredible effects.

Stamped Concrete Houston

Floor ReNew Houston’s stamped concrete Houston services has become a popular choice for many homeowners in the city because this type of flooring service offers a wide array of options when it comes to concrete pattern and colors. Another reason why people like our stamped concrete Houston services is because of our competitive pricing.

Aggregate Concrete Houston

Our aggregate concrete Houston specialists can make fast decisions that enable us to meet our customers various concrete material requirements and embrace ever-changing flooring market dynamics. We focus on aggregates and other concrete flooring which allows us to create innovative solutions and share them with our aggregate concrete Houston customers. Floor ReNew Houston only wants increase the value to our customers’ operations.

Integral Color Concrete Houston

Integral color concrete specialists at Floor ReNew Houston provide a comprehensive set of materials for the architectural concrete flooring industry. Integral color concrete Houston technicians are dependable and durable with coloring products consisting of integral colors, mortar colors, release agents, color hardeners, reactive and penetrating stains, stampable overlays, microtoppings along with imprinting tools, curing agents, accessory products and a variety of sealers to complete all of your concrete flooring project needs.

Painted Concrete Floors Houston

Our painted concrete floors Houston professionals carry products that work together effectively and seamlessly, no matter what concrete floor industry challenge. We like the opportunity to show you what we can do for your floors. You can see firsthand the quality of painted concrete floors Houston products we offer along with the service we’re committed to perfecting your concrete floors with decorative paint jobs.



“They were very professional, courteous, and just plain nice. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of work” – Robert V.



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