Its that time of year, spring cleaning time, getting the house back into shape from top to bottom before that heat wave hits here in Houston, Texas.  Spring cleaning is usually the deep cleaning of everything in the home that includes your concrete flooring.


Before you dive into cleaning your concrete floors, it is best to figure out just what kind of concrete flooring you have, as the cleaning technique is quite different.


There are two different types of concrete flooring, there is the standard concrete, which is what you will find in every garage, and then there’s this interior decorative concrete.


Interior Decorative Concrete:


Interior decorative concrete flooring is becoming more and more popular over the years and this is mainly due to how stain resistant it is as well as its durability.


First you will need a soft bristle broom, using this you will thoroughly sweep your floors.  This will remove all debris that is on the surface of your interior decorative concrete.


Next you will take a clean, untreated dust mop and run this along your concrete flooring.  This will remove and dust and smaller particles that the broom missed.


Now, you just need to fill your bucket up with about 1 gallon of warm water.  Add in a small amount of mild cleanser or dish soap like Dawn.  Do not use any cleansers that have an acidic base, this can cause etching and other damage to your flooring.


Using a soft, clean mop going one small section at a time, clean your interior decorative concrete flooring.  Make sure as you are going along that you are rinsing and wringing out your mop very frequently.  This way you are not just pushing around dirty water on your floor.


Once you have washed each section, dump the water from the bucket and rinse out the bucket thoroughly.  Then fill it up with warm water.  What you will do now is use the mop to rinse away all the remaining soap so that there is no soap buildup.  Working in small sections like you did with cleaning will is best recommended.


TIP: Make sure that every few years you have your interior decorative concrete flooring resealed; this will help keep it from being damaged from everyday life.


Standard Concrete Flooring:


Cleaning a standard concrete flooring takes a few extra steps that interior decorative concrete flooring does not.  First step is to make sure that the day you choose to clean your flooring is a day that is suppose to be dry and sunny out.


Now you must make sure that you have cleaned out the garage completely so that there are no obstacles in your way.  From there, you will need to sweep and/or vacuum away all the dust and debris that maybe littering the floor.


The next best step is to take a water hose and attach this to a water supply, turning it completely on.  It is best to use a spray attachment that allows you to have a strong, powerful setting so that you are able to spray down the entire floor.

It is best to work from the back to the front, that way you do not corner yourself.  Make sure that you pay close attention to all corners and crevices that dirt and grime can accumulate.


While the floor is still wet, you will need to sprinkle the entire floor with the cleanser you chose.  Then using either a push broom or a scrub cleaner, and work the cleanser in.


From there you simply just need to use the hose to rinse the area clean again.


Stains on your Standard Concrete Flooring:


If you have an oil stain, try applying bleach, allowing it to set for about 20 minutes.  Then using a scrub brush, scrub and then rinse.


Now if you have a grease stain, you will need to apply a thick layer of fresh kitty liter over the spot.  This needs to set for a couple of days and then swept away.  Throw away the now dirty kitty liter.  If it still remains, you can also try sprinkling the area with dry concrete mix and allow this to sit for a couple of days, then swept away.


If you have tire marks, wet the area and use an over-the-counter degreaser.  Allow this to sit for a few hours and then with a scrub brush, scrub and then rinse.


When in doubt contact a professional, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your granite flooring or if you have any questions.

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