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Concrete Staining Houston

Concrete Staining Houston

When it comes to Concrete Staining Houston specialists in the area, there is no better option than Floor ReNew Houston. We have the ability to deep clean natural stone and concrete floors without scratching or damaging the surface due to our professional cleaning system that doesn’t use abrasives.

Floor ReNew Houston offers competitive Concrete Staining Houston services in your local area!

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Concrete Staining Services

Concrete Acid Staining Houston

Our concrete acid staining Houston specialists can create an acid stained floor in your home or business. From our concrete acid staining Houston services ranges from garages and basements to patios and pool decks — to retail store flooring and auto showrooms along with other floor venues. Having acid concrete acid stained floors is an economical, easy to maintain choice for your home or business.

Concrete Dyes Houston

Our concrete dyes Houston specialists use various processes depending on the type of surface. Floor ReNew Houston use dyes and decorative stains on thin overlays, concrete polished floors, stamped floors, self leveling overlays or plain, existing cement floors. This is a long lasting treatment that does not chip, peel or fade. It will last as long as the floor itself. With our concrete dyes Houston service your floor will look rich, resembling marble or worn leather. Our company use dyes to create vibrant colors.

Acrylic Concrete Staining Houston

Our acrylic concrete staining Houston experts use sealers for your stamped concrete, pavers along with exterior patio and walkways. Our acrylic concrete staining Houston services are stain resistant and a less expensive alternative instead of polished concrete flooring. With our acrylic staining services we’ll transform your ordinary concrete into luxurious floors that resemble marble, travertine or glazed stone.

Stained Concrete Sealing Houston

Our stained concrete sealing Houston services will keep your floor surfaces protected with multiple coats of clear sealer for outdoors and a floor wax indoors. Our stained concrete sealing Houston specialists will provide the best recommended sealer which will add sheen to the surface and enhancing color intensity of your concrete floor.

Stained Concrete Floor Maintenance Houston

Our stained concrete floor maintenance Houston specialists will tell you that comparing with other types of flooring, especially carpet, stained concrete floors are the easiest to clean. They have no grout lines, fibers, or crevices to trap dirt, and when protected with a stained concrete sealer, they resist stains and abrasion. Contact or stained concrete floor maintenance Houston technicians to clean the floor surface regularly to keep it looking its best.

Decorative Concrete Stained Houston

Save the subtle drama of staining and contact out decorative concrete stained Houston specialists to help choose the best acid or acrylic stains for your concrete floors. Our decorative concrete stained Houston experts will give you a wider spectrum of hues, tone and other color options to choose from.

Concrete Staining Contractors Houston

Floor ReNew Houston is one of the premier and experienced concrete staining contractors Houston companies for homes and businesses. Our concrete staining contractors Houston services ranges from acid, dyes and acrylic staining in Houston and surrounding areas. We provide the best solutions for home or business owners about their concrete staining needs.



“They were very professional, courteous, and just plain nice. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of work” – Robert V.



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