One of the big bonuses and main reasons for epoxy garage floors is for the low maintenance on keeping them clean.  Not only are they low maintenance, but also if the cleaning maintenance on them is done properly and regularly, the epoxy can have a long lifespan.


Though epoxy garage floors are low maintenance with cleaning, they are not able to avoid buildup with dust, dirt, and grime.  These items are pretty easy to clean up using a long dust mop as the epoxy makes it where this debris will not stick. The great news is that dust mopping your garage floors takes care of nearly all of your cleaning needed.  You will find that dust and dirt do not stick on this surface, and running the dust mop through your garage floors will only take a few minutes and take care of what is needed.


Now if you have chosen a floor coating that has an aggressive anti-slip aggregate, then you will need to use a broom that is a soft bristle push style.  If there are saw cuts or contraction joints that are exposed, it is best to either use a broom to sweep them clean or a vacuum, do this once a month.  Any spills or fluids that are leaking are best to wipe up with a soft cloth.  If just wiping up the spill does not completely clean it up, you can use a shot of Windex to remove any left over film.


Now if your garage is a high traffic area and gains lots of dirt and grime, it is best to give it a nice, good cleaning about every 3 to 4 months.  The best recommended cleaning tool to accomplish this is a hard, foam mop with the help of a cleanser solution. The cleanser solution that using a shot of Simple Green and a bucket of hot water.  In sections, spray the Simple Green and then use the damp foam mop to scrub that section.  Once finished scrubbing, dip the mop in the hot water and give the floor a good rinse.  Viola, you are finished.


If you have left over films from road salts that have dried or deicing fluids, this cleaning method is highly recommended.  If you feel that the film is not coming up that easily, you can easily spray more Simple Green.  Don’t have Simple Green or wish to use a different cleanser?  Here’s another solution for you.  In your bucket of hot water, add ½ cup for every gallon.  Dip your foam mop into the solution and scrub away.  Be sure to rinse your mop frequently so you do not just scrub in the film and dirty in. Afterwards, you are welcome to either allow your garage floors to air dry on its own, or use a clean towel to wipe it dry.


If you still have some spots that just refuse to come up, you can use a stiff, nylon brush to scrub along the area with a much stronger Simple Green solution.  Be careful, if the quality of your epoxy does not hold up, you can actually degloss the surface if you scrub too hard.  If you have rust stains, the best solution for this is using warm water mixed equally with CLR.  Pour some of this mix onto the stain and then use a scrub brush or pad followed by a good rinse with cold water.  It is best not to let this sit for longer than a minute or two or it could ruin the epoxy.  Avoid all cleansers that have soap in them as this can leave streaks or hazy film on the surface.  This can reduce the shine from the finish as well as cause it to be more slippery.


When in doubt contact a professional, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your granite flooring or if you have any questions.

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