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Grind And Seal Houston

Grind And Seal Houston

When it comes to Grind And Seal Houston specialists in the area, there is no better option than Floor ReNew Houston. We have the ability to deep clean natural stone and concrete floors without scratching or damaging the surface due to our professional cleaning system that doesn’t use abrasives.

Floor ReNew Houston offers competitive Grind And Seal Houston services in your local area!

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Grind And Seal Services

Concrete Floor Grinding Houston

Concrete floor grinding Houston process is never a completely smooth and level procedure. Floor ReNew Houston has the professional concrete floor grinding Houston contractors that can make your floor level enough for any purpose, whether it’s linoleum or tile installation or staining and polishing the floor to a high sheen. Our concrete floor grinding services can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over a complete flooring surface project.

Concrete Surface Prep Houston

Floor ReNew Houston provides concrete surface prep Houston services as a stand alone service for homes and businesses. Our concrete surface prep application works well for industrial facilities, creating a smoother and more level floor surface that decreases driver fatigue, wear and tear on the forklift and tires as well as reduces load shift. In our addition concrete surface prep Houston services include filling cracks and joints found in concrete slabs and excess material removal to create a smooth joint.

Concrete Grinding Resurfacing Houston

Unlike a lot of concrete grinding resurfacing Houston companies that offer floor painting or even some that offer coating service”, Floor ReNew Houston is a concrete grinding resurfacing Houston company, and know how to properly grind and resurface concrete before applying the finish.

Concrete Grind and Seal Maintenance Houston

The process of maintaining concrete floor begins with the use of segments bonded in a metal matrix. Our concrete grind and seal maintenance Houston technicians can help remove minor stains, pits, blemishes, or light coatings from the floor in preparation for final concrete floor process. Depending on the condition of the floor, this rough concrete grinding is usually a three- to four-step process which is better explained by our concrete and seal maintenance Houston experts.



“They were very professional, courteous, and just plain nice. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of work” – Robert V.



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