Polished Concrete Flooring is growing in popularity. It’s quickly becoming the first choice as a durable, highly versatile, flooring option for homes and businesses. The demand for polished concrete is at an all-time high all around the world. The polishing method for this type of surface with grinders is very similar to refinishing wood with floor sander. Concrete grinders are easily used to grind down a surface with combination of diamond abrasives that are used for metal bonding; this is what successfully produces the right smoothness and shine.

Transforming concrete into a decorative and smooth surface for flooring requires treating it with a concrete densifier, a chemical material that’s applied over the concrete surface to fill the pores. After that the surface is prepared and dried, it’s then ground with grinding tools that get progressively finer to achieve the desired flooring finish. Polished concrete is measured in grades and finishes: when the grade is higher, the larger the exposed aggregates; similar to the higher the finish, the shinier the polish becomes.

We offer different types of concrete flooring services for your home or business:


Like a lot of flooring techniques, there are a number of things that can go wrong. For the best results, ensure that the concrete flooring contractor you hire is specialized, professional, and experienced.

Here are 5 of Floor ReNew Houstons Secrets tips to the perfect Finishing Polish for Concrete Floors:

  1. Placement is very important
    This means getting the best concrete contractor to layout the concrete flooring.  Flatness and quality edge finishing are crucial to receiving the best results. Bottom line: make sure the floor is laid and ground is flatten.
  2. Concrete counts
    There are difference types of concrete it’s best you check with an expert as to which concrete is best for polished concrete floors.
  3. Waterproof and stain resistant
    Depending on lifespan of your concrete. Floor ReNew Houston will make sure your floor has a waterproof and stain resistant polished finish.
  4. Don’t go the cheap route
    Looking for a concrete floor contractor who will work for a cheaper price, may mean using someone who will cut corners. Professional service, quality machinery along with experience and outstanding results will cost a little more, but will save in the long run.
  5. Equipment is important
    Having the best grinding equipment ensures your concrete floor is ground even and flat, which will produce the best results for polished concrete floors.

Our machines use the latest technology and allow our concrete floor polishing team to complete a concrete project in a fraction of the time of a conventional team. Floor ReNew Houston also provides extensive training for those that purchase our machine as well providing 24/7 support after the purchase has been made.

Floor ReNew Houston take quality seriously and our floors speak to that. We always have satisfied customers with the level of quality and professionalism we bring to the table. Consider these items when looking to hire a concrete floor polishing contractor on your next job.

If you’re interested in learning more about restoration services  for your floors, get in touch with the experts.


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