When you think of granite flooring, you think an invincible stone.  You are not completely wrong in thinking that as granite stone is very durable, but it is not invincible.  Having properly maintenance of your granite flooring will certainly make it seem like it is invincible.  It will also give you that long lifespan that is expected from granite.


One big tip that can be said about the care for your granite flooring is when a drink or food has spilled on its surface, clean it up.  When you clean it up, you always want to use a soft, damp cloth or damp paper towel.  Then you will blot the area of the spill, do not wipe it up, you will want to blot.  Wiping will cause it to seep into any cracks or holes and stay within the stone and can cause it to deteriorate.


Using a scrubber or sponge can cause permanent scratches on the surface that can only be removed by being grinded out.  Also, do not leave the spill long as it can stain, especially be cautious of soda, red wine, greasy foods, and coffee as these can cause the surface to dull.


To help take care of any debris buildup, there is a daily cleaning maintenance that you can do. Simply dry dust mopping each day, which will help prevent any grit or dirt to build up.  If there are any marks that are not going away, using some hot water with your mop will help get those out.


Is your granite in need of a deeper clean?  This you can so in a simple way as well, but just do your best not to go too crazy with the cleaning as it can cause damage to your granite.  For selecting a cleaner, one that is ph-neutral is best.  Make sure that you rinse thoroughly as well, any left over residue can cause damage and/or buildup.


Make sure that you protect your granite from possible damage.  If you have granite in a high traffic area, having your guests take off their shoes or having a rug over the surface will help protect your granite for the dirt or grit that can be attached to the sole of shoes.  If you have any furniture that is on top of the granite, having pads under it will help protect your granite flooring from any scratches or scraps if the furniture is moved.


You can always polish your granite flooring, which will help bring out its natural shine.  The only thing is with granite flooring, polishing can cause it to be very slippery, so consider doing this with care, especially if your granite is in a high traffic area.  Always best to consult a professional.


The final way to protect your granite flooring is making sure to put a granite sealer on it.  Be sure before you do this, that you have the answers to a few questions first.  Such as if a granite sealer was applied when the granite was first installed?  If there was, what brand was used and how often does it need to be reapplied?


Also know what type of granite that you have because certain granites are different, such as a darker granite will not need to be sealed as often as a lighter one.  And some black granite does not even been to ever be sealed.


The reason for sealers is because they will help resist moisture and prevent stains.  Over the years, cleaning and traffic that happens each and every day slowly remove the sealant.  Resealing if your granite is one that needs to be sealed is always best.


It is always best to know how best to care for your granite flooring not only for it to last for its full lifespan, but also because it is very expensive to purchase and install.


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