When it comes to pulling your kitchen together when it comes to choosing colors for the floor, countertops, and cabinetry there are so many options that can lead to frustration.  The best advice to give is to keep the color scheme as simple as possible and add highlights of color using smaller items or accessories.  This makes it easier to change your theme over time that cost less to replace or change out than it does for more major components.


A few tips to keep in mind is that a simple color scheme generally consists of a 3-color plan.  When coordinating the countertops with the flooring, make sure to consider the backsplash as well.


The best way to figure out your color scheme is to have two main colors that you will use and then one accent color.  Taking a look at paint chips or color charts are a good way to go.  One money saver is to paint existing kitchen cabinetry to match your countertops and flooring selections.


It is best to always choose your countertops first, marble, granite, or others.  This is the most expensive investment you will make, besides your appliances.  Once you have decided, take a sample with you when you go to choose your flooring.


Coordinate the coloring of the flooring with the countertops and use your cabinets to separate the two as a secondary color.  Or try matching the countertops with the cabinets and use the flooring tile to add the contrast.


If you have chosen a stone such as marble or granite, see what color variations there are.  Examples are choosing a granite that is mainly brown but has elements of beige and rust will let you select a flooring that is either beige or rust.  Or choosing a blue marble that has golds and creams in it and pair it with a gold-tone or cream tile.


Another example would be to choose a nice, bold red Corian countertop and pair it with a white or off-white floor and cabinets, maybe even choosing the floor tiles to have a matching red edging.


Or even a porcelain tile that is wood-grained would enhance brown granite or a wooden countertop.  Then choosing cream cabinets to offset the brown and use red to highlight with accessories is another good example.


So when it comes to choosing what slate would match well with what granite comes down to choosing your countertops first if you are in the kitchen.  Then from that and secondary colors that are within the countertops and use those for the floor tiles and cabinets, or match the countertops and floor tiles and let the cabinets be the point of contrast.  There is no right and wrong with pairing stones together, just finding ones that compliment one another beautifully.


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