When it comes to caring for your granite tile flooring, one thing that is asked about is if you should seal your granite floor tiles and why.  One of the main reasons why most installers apply a sealant is to give their clients that peace of mind than the real need for sealing the granite tiles.


There are a few reasons that people believe sealant does for granite that they do not realize are just myths.  We are going to better explain everything to you.


Myth #1:  What makes the surface of the granite so shiny is the sealant.

This is false because when the granite is polished with diamond abrasives, this is what gives the shine to the granite tiles.  This is not caused by a chemical process, but a mechanical one.  Though there are chemicals, especially those with acids in them that can cause damage and actually remove the polish from the surface.


This mainly happens within stones like marble, travertine, and limestone.  This is due to the calcium carbonate having a chemical reaction to the acid.  This is called etching.  There may be a way to remove the etching with marble polishing etch remover, though if this does not work, then you will need to see about having a professional come in to re-polish the surface.


Myth #2:  Sealers will protect against etch marks and water stains.

Sealing your granite tiles will not prevent it against etching.  Etching is a form of physical damage to the granite’s surface.  Think of it as if you got your car waxed, this is to protect the paint of your car against the weather and sunlight, not if someone decides to scratch it up using a key.  Sealant is the exact same for granite tiles.


Myth #3:  Sealer will prevent stains.

This is not entirely true.  What a sealant will do is actually slow down the process of how quickly the stone will absorb the liquid.  There are some stones that are so dense that no liquid can be absorbed into the stone causing staining, but there are others that will stain if the spill is not wiped up immediately.

So basically what a sealant will do is give you more time to wipe up the spill, which that helps prevent staining from happening by keeping the spill towards the surface of the stone and makes it much easier to clean up.


It is said that not all granite needs to be sealed, though it is recommended either way.  It is best said that granite should be sealed if necessary.


You will find that most darker colored granites such as browns, blues, and blacks do not need sealing.  Lighter toned granites are highly recommended to be sealed, and usually need to have the sealant reapplied every couple of years.


When in doubt contact a professional, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your natural stone flooring or if you have any questions.


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