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It is important to take care of the investment you made in your tile flooring, especially if it made with a stone like limestone.  Over years of no regular cleaning or proper maintenance can leave your limestone tiles open to damages such as scratches, etching, and heat.  If left neglected severe damages can happen to where only a professional can repair them.


When choosing the right cleanser, keep in mind that only pH-neutral cleansers can be used.  If you use a cleanser that is not pH-neutral, you are opening your limestone up for potential damages like the breakdown of the surface.


The tools that you will need to proceed cleaning and maintaining your limestone tile flooring are these:

  • Vacuum
  • Broom, with soft bristles
  • Microfiber mop
  • Sponge mop
  • pH-neutral cleanser or mild dish soap like Dawn
  • Bucket
  • Warm water
  • Microfiber towels
  • Sealant, but only if it is time to reseal the limestone


Once you have collected all of your supplies, the cleaning process can begin.


What you will need to first do is make sure that the vacuum you are using has no damage to the wheels or have anything hanging down from it that can causes scratches to the surface.  If you are good to go, vacuum the area, or if you would rather sweep or dust mop, use that.  Your goal is to make sure that all dust, dirt, and debris is removed from the limestone.


From there you just need to clean the limestone tiles using the warm water and either the pH-neutral cleanser or mild soap.  Use the mop to clean the floors.  You will want to take your time doing this, that way you give the soap time to breakdown all the dirt.


When you start rinsing the tiles make sure you do it thoroughly.  Any leftover soap can both attract dirt and a film on the surface that will make the limestone appear dull.  To be able to tell this is by first dumping out your mop bucket and refill it with fresh, warm water.  Take your mop and mop over the surface, if you see it getting lathery again, then you are not finished with rinsing just yet.  Keep repeating this step until all soap has been removed.


To apply the sealer, you will need to follow the directions on the bottle.  Just be sure that you have allowed the limestone to full dry before doing this step.  Be sure that when you are choosing a sealer that you get one that will help protect your investment.


Remember that installing that limestone was not cheap and you want to doing as much as possible to protect that investment.  There are a few things that you can do to further protect your limestone tiles.  Wipe up spills right away, asking people to remove shoes when they come into your home, and even placing rugs out on the limestone.


Remember that regular cleaning and sweeping can further help protect the limestone as well as making sure to not go cheap on the cleansers and sealant.


When in doubt contact a professional, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your natural stone flooring or if you have any questions.

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