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Marble is a stone that has an alkaline mineral content, thus making it sensitive to any cleaners that have a heavy acid base. Marble has a make up of calcium carbonate, which reacts with various types of acid that eats away bits of its surface. When cleaning marble, it is best to use a cleaner that is alkaline based, this will clean the marble and not cause etching, or a dull spot or stain on the surface.

Though it is possible to clean marble yourself, that is just one small step to maintaining and taking care of it. If you wish to prolong the life and have it at its full potential, it is always best to have a professional come and help finish the entire process of both restoring and maintaining your marble. Due to marble being used not only for flooring, but very commonly used for counter tops, it is best to have it professionally cleaned and polished from time to time. Simply polishing the marble is where you clean it with the alkaline cleaner solution, usually one where it leaves a deep and natural shine is ideal.

Care and maintenance of marble is very important. Over time, there are two important steps that must be done in order to have the full life of your marble, regular maintenance and restoration.

Restoration is a process that will eventually need to be done to preserve the life of your marble, but regular maintenance helps delay that. Part of regular maintenance is when you make sure to not only dry dust mop, but also damp mopping at well, using a stone soap that is PH neutral and fresh water. After damp mopping, it is always best to make sure that all soap is cleaned from the surface so there will be no build up over time, so it is best to do multiple rinses to prevent this. Any types of spills that happen are cleaned up immediately so that they do not cause any etching or staining to the surface. To have regular professional maintenance is when you hire professionals to use polishing powders to help maintain the natural shine of the stone.

The restoration process is a service that sometime down the road will be required. You will know when this process is needed because the marble will have deep scratches, moving tiles, grout damage, cracking, deep stains, and much more that your regular maintenance does not take care of. This is a simple process where professionals use a diamond abrasive to resurface the marble which will grind the surface to smooth it out, taking deep scratches, stains, and more with it. If there are cracks or moving tiles, epoxy repair work will need to be completed before the grinding process.

After grinding is completed, all that is left is to either polish or honed and then resealing the marble. If you polish the marble, it is not usually necessary to reseal the marble, but if you have the process of honing the marble, it is imperative to have to sealed after. Honing is simply where the surface is dulled on purpose, either by a machine or an acid bath. It is simply a personal preference on which you would rather have. After this, the process is complete.

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