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Natural Stone Polishing Houston

When it comes to Natural Stone Polishing Houston specialists in the area, there is no better option than Floor ReNew Houston. We have the ability to deep clean natural stone and concrete floors without scratching or damaging the surface due to our professional cleaning system that doesn’t use abrasives.

Floor ReNew Houston offers competitive Natural Stone Polishing Houston services in your local area!

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Natural Stone Restoration Services

Natural Stone Cleaning Houston

Our natural stone cleaning Houston specialists typically use the of our high pressure hot water extraction unit (up to 1200 psi) providing for the most effective natural stone cleaning. Using this process will result in a smooth looking uniform finish and followed by proper natural stone sealing.

Natural Stone Scratch/Etching Removal Houston

Our natural stone scratch etching removal Houston specialists will use recommended cleaners specifically designed for natural stone. Professional refinishing is best to permanently remove scratches and etch marks to restore your natural stone’s even finish.

Natural Stone Sealing Houston

Your natural stone was sealed when it was installed. Our natural stone sealing Houston specialists will seal or reseal your natural stone to maintain it. Natural stone sealer should last up to 3-5 years. Use and ongoing maintenance greatly affect sealer durability.

Natural Stone Honing Houston

Our natural stone honing Houston specialists provide your natural stone a natural look of pristine condition. Honing natural stone can be achieved by using a special grit of diamond pads that make the natural stone silky smooth while not leaving too much sheen on its finish.

Natural Stone Restoration Houston

Natural stone restoration is generally needed once every few years. Typically, we find that we need some form of natural stone restoration nearly once per year. It is not always necessary to restore your entire floor. Our natural stone restoration Houston specialists can simply isolate your high-traffic areas of your non-traffic areas. The stone areas in these areas of your home may need restoration and sealing as often as you feel fit.

Natural Stone Polishing Houston

Floor ReNew Houston uses the most advanced modern technology and greenest products to keep your natural stone looking shiny and new. Our natural stone polishing Houston specialists use finer abrasives, or compounds – this will result with a very clean, highly reflective, shiny finish.



“They were very professional, courteous, and just plain nice. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of work” – Robert V.

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Natural Stone Floor Polishing

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Natural Stone Floor Polishing

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Natural Stone Floor Polishing

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Natural Stone Floor Polishing

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