When choosing beautiful and natural stone for your flooring, taking the proper care of it is taking care of your investment.  Giving your natural stone flooring the proper care has many positives.  One of the big ones is that it will give your flooring the expected lifespan of the natural stone.


It’s very important to keep up with the proper maintenance for your natural stone flooring as well as be well knowledgeable on what cleaning supplies you will need.


  1. One of the big things to ensure proper care for your natural stone flooring is when you first have the floor installed, make sure that they sealed it. If you have installed this in a bathroom or kitchen, it is best to make sure that where the wall and flooring meet that it is caulked.  By doing this, it will help prevent moisture from getting up underneath the natural stone flooring which can cause it to rot.


It is best to sweep or dust your natural stone flooring daily if possible.  The best way to clean your is by using a dry, untreated dust mop.  This will gather all debris and dust.


You can use a vacuum, though it needs to be one that has a hard floor setting as that will not have a rotating brush that can cause damage.  Also make sure that no missing pieces or broken parts are exposed as these can scratch and cause harm on the surface.


It is best on a weekly basis to make sure that you use a damp mop to mop your natural stone floors.  It is best to use warm water and a cleanser that is specified for the stone or tile of your floor.


To help protect your floor from dust and dirt that is tracked into your home from the bottom of your shoes, place out area rugs or doormats.  These will catch any debris that can cause damage to the surface of your natural stone flooring.  Also, removing your shoes and not wearing them throughout the house will help as well.


It is best not to use any abrasive or acidic cleaners as these can not only scratch, but also dull the surface of you natural stone flooring.  It can also harm the sealant and cause it to deteriorate over time also possibly staining your grout.

Make sure that any spills from liquids or foods are cleaning up immediately, as these can contain acids that can harm and cause damage to your flooring.


It is always best to make sure to give your floors a good, deep cleaning from time to time.  This will prevent from any grit or dirt buildup on your floor as well as grout.


The last little bit to make sure that you have done from time to time is to make sure that your sealant is not damaged or deteriorated.  Having parts of your floor where the sealant is no longer there and leaving the natural stone floor expose can cause damage to the floor.


Sealant is a semi-thick coat of liquid that is coated on the surface of your natural stone flooring that not only brings a beautiful shine, but also protects it from everyday wear and tear.


When in doubt contact a professional, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your granite flooring or if you have any questions.



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