Saltillo flooring is unique due to the special way the tiles that make up the flooring are created.  They are hand crafted tiles that are made out clay that is cleaned and sifted, then mixed with water and then formed into different shapes.  They are then dried in the sun and then fired up in kilns to finish the process. Due to the process of how Saltillo tiles are created, they are an extremely soft and porous stone compared to most others, but because of how they are uniquely made and their beauty, this also means they are very popular.


To properly clean Saltillo is a simple process as long as it has been correctly sealed when first installed.  Sealing the Saltillo flooring is important because it protects it from being slippery, making cleaning up spills easy, deterioration, absorbing water, retain the beauty. Using a topical sealer is best recommended to Saltillo to help prevent from it being damaged by foot traffic and absorb anything that spills on it.  It is important to make sure the sealer remains intact because it will wear down from the traffic and will need to be reapplied to prevent the Saltillo tiles and grout from being exposed to staining and damage.


To prevent this is by keeping up with the cleaning maintenance.  The first to step is by making sure to have swept the entire area with a soft bristle broom.  This removes all dirt and debris throughout the flooring. Next, if your tropical sealer is still intact, then you can use a simple neutral cleanser, like Dawn soap for example, with a mop, and then thoroughly rinse the soapy water away. If your tropical sealer is no intact, then it is best to consult a professional like Floor ReNew Houston and schedule an appointment with them because it is best to have the remaining sealer stripped, and then reapplied.  Stripping the tropical sealer off of Saltillo flooring is not an easy process.


Their process is similar to a restoration process.  It will strip the remaining tropical sealer off of the Saltillo tiles and also get all the grit, dirt, and grime out of the grout and off the tiles to give them a new, clean look. When they clean the Saltillo tiles and grout, they usually will use a alkaline cleaning solution.  If this does not take care of all the dir, stains, and grime, then they will move onto an acidic cleaning solution that should remove it. They will completely dry the entire area, preparing it for the sealer.  They then reapply a tropical sealer best suited for Saltillo flooring with several coats. To help prevent foot traffic from causing damage, using doormats, runners, and area rugs will help.  As well as place pads under any furniture legs that are on the surface of your Saltillo flooring.

When in doubt, do not hesitate to call a professional like Floor ReNew Houston.  Please feel free to contact us today to schedule your appointment or if you have any further questions.

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