Saltillo tile has become very popular in both Mexico and the Southwest region of the United States.  Its popularity is quickly spreading across the entire US.  It is a unique and beautiful tile that is hand crafted down in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.


It has become very popular in the cottage industry.  In that region, it is very common for many people to make the tiles right there in their backyards.


The most common colors that the tiles come in are in various reds, oranges, and yellows though this can change once they are fired up in the kilns.  How they create the shapes of the tiles are in two different ways.  One is by craving the shape into the clay itself or by using a wooden frame pressed into the clay.


Due to how these tiles are created, they are not perfect in the same sense as most other tiles.  They are fired up at low temperatures which makes it impossible for them to be flat or perfectly square.  While they are laying out in the sun to dry, it’s common for animal prints to be found in the tiles.  This is a symbol of good luck!


When you order Saltillo tiles for your flooring, do not be surprised if you find that there are not two tiles the same exact color.  This is due to the clay and how they are fired up in the kilns.  While firing up in the kilns, this can create various patterns and colors on each tile.


The clay that is use to create these tiles are found in the riverbanks.  It is really muddy, but it is turned into some of the most durable tiles in the world.


They are used in both interior and exterior flooring.  It is known that these are used from anywhere such as bathrooms and kitchens to patios and porches.


Saltillo tiles are not made for everyone.  It is one of the lower costing natural stone floorings to choose from.  It provides a rustic feel and gives a feel for the Spanish and Mexican style as well as works great with Mediterranean and Tuscan homes as well.


Though it is known that due to the large demand of these tiles, that there are manufacturers out there that make “unclean” Saltillo tiles.  These are tiles that are made out of clay that has not cleaned and sifted and may contain other elements besides just the clay.  These tiles end up lacking in durability and quality and can quickly deteriorate over time.


Due to how unique these tiles are, it is best to do as much research on them when it comes to installing and maintaining the Saltillo tiles.  Make sure that they meet all the desires you wish for the flooring before deciding.  These are not made for everyone.


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