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When choosing slate tiles for your floors, there are a few things to consider before just choosing any one.  We are all about finding the best deal, especially when it comes to such an expensive investment such as flooring.


There are a few things that you need to consider when you check out the latest deals on slate tiles.  Like most other flooring materials, especially for natural stone, there are different grade levels to consider.  Normally, the lower the pricing, the lower the grade, usually a B or C.  The highest grade you can choose is A.


The lower the grade means that there will be inconsistencies with things such as size, color, and even the shape itself.  The tiles are known to crack or have broken edges.  Low pricing can also be a sign of ecologically heedless quarrying or even mining companies not following the social justice practices like they should.


One of the other differences between the different slate tiles is the texture of the surface of the tile.  There are three well known different textures that slate tiles can have.


The first being gauged slate tiles.  You will find that during the refinement process, nearly all slate tiles have their backs flattened out.  This helps the tile back be able to adhere more completely when they are grouted to the subflooring.  You may find that in some cases that the backs are scored slightly to create a better grip.


There are some ungauged slate tiles, though these are most commonly found outdoors being used as stepping stones in gardens or backyards.  These are easily embedded into the ground soil.


Another texture is clefted natural slate tiles.  The backs of the tiles are gauged smooth, but the tops of the tiles have a more unrefined and natural look.  There are cracks, clefts, and bristles of the stone showing.  This gives a very rugged and powerful look that gives the feels for the outdoors in the mountains where this material is generally found.  This also provides great traction, even when wet.  With the lower quality you would get too much clefting which would make some of the tiles unable to be used.


One of the last textures are honed slate tiles.  These slate tiles are run through the honing process which polishes down the surface until it is smooth.  Some slates are able to handle a higher honing process, though you will never be able to give slate the polished look you will find with marble.


One major drawback to having honed slate tiles is that the tiles tend to lose some of the lustre and vibrancy which is given to them in their natural state.  The slate tiles will also become very slippery when wet, though may still have some traction.  It will also make the slate more vulnerable to stains and scratches, especially if it is a lighter colored slate.


So figuring out which slate tile is best for you mainly depends on what your needs and desires.  Go over the pros and cons of each different type of texture and see which one is best suited for your home.


When in doubt contact a professional, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your natural stone flooring or if you have any questions.

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