Terrazzo tiles that are used for flooring are made out of either marble, granite, or quartz chips mixed into either cement or resin.  You will find that though terrazzo flooring is very durable and very easy to care for, that it can easily stain as well. To help prevent the staining from happening, it is always recommended to apply a sealant.  Though this will need to be stripped and reapplied periodically to help keep the floor looking beautiful and new.


To further prevent staining, there’s a simple cleaning maintenance that you can do.  First, you need to sweep up any dirt or debris by using a broom with soft bristles.  If you notice that it is rather dusty, using a dust mop is recommended.  Next, you will use a clean, soft mop and a bucket of clean, warm water.  You will need to add in a neutral cleanser, such as Dawn dish soap to the warm water.  You can use the mop to spread the water and cleanser over the terrazzo tiles and let it sit for a few minutes.


By allowing the water to set for a few minutes, it will help loosen and dissolve the dirt.  Make sure that the terrazzo remains wet, or it will dry the water and dirt back into the tiles. Now, with another clean, soft mop, and a fresh bucket of clean water, rinses the tiles off.  Make sure to wring out the mop periodically so that you are not just pushing dirt everywhere.  You may need to repeat this step one or two more times to completely rinse the tiles.  Make sure there is no remaining soapy water as this can cause buildup that will dull the shine.


You will then, using a soft, clean cloth simply dry the terrazzo tiles.  Make sure not to leave any water lingering.  Then you will buff it to bring back the shine. Make sure that you avoid a few things, such as using oil-based cleansers or stain removers.  These can cause permanent damage to your terrazzo tiles such as discoloring.  Also avoid commercial cleansers, even ones that may say they are especially for terrazzo tiles, they can also cause permanent discoloration.


Make sure that you have a set cleaning schedule that you are able to stick to prevent any buildup of dust, debris, or dirt.  Also, having rugs placed in high traffic areas will help prevent staining and scratches.  And be sure to clean up spills immediately. You will find that there will be times where it seems that terrazzo tiles will have stains you cannot remove or that it has lost its luster.  When this happens, contacting a professional such as Floor ReNew Houston can certainly help you restore the beauty into your terrazzo flooring.


When in doubt contact a professional, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your granite flooring or if you have any questions.



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