Terrazzo is that beautiful natural stone flooring that is made out of the marble chips mixed with either concrete or resin.  Once they are combined, it makes this really smooth and luxurious flooring that captures the beauty of marble.  It is very durable though made out of marble chips.


It is a rather porous stone due to the concrete mixed in, it’s one of the most porous materials.  So it is normal for terrazzo tile floors to need a finishing sealer applied that helps it resist stains.  It is recommended on regular basis that the sealer is stripped and reapplied to guarantee the beauty of the terrazzo tiles.


When it comes to regular cleaning, the process is not very difficult.  Terrazzo tile flooring is actually very easy to clean and maintain.  The one thing that is important to remember is that for cleaners, avoid all alkaline or acidic ones.  You will need one that is pH-neutral.


Starting from the beginning, you will just need to use an untreated dust mop to sweep up all the dust, dirt, and debris throughout the tiles you plan on cleaning.


Now you just need to get a bucket and fill it up with clean, warm water.  Now according to the label on the back of the pH-neutral add what you need to for the amount of water in your bucket.  Using a clean wet mop, start mopping the terrazzo tiles.


You will need to allow the water with the cleanser in it to set on the floor for a few minutes so that it starts to breakdown the dirt and grime on the floor.  To make this successful, it is best to keep the area wet and not allow it to dry or all the loose dirt will just dry back onto the floor.


Simply dump out all the dirty water in the bucket and rinse out the bucket and the wet mop.  Fill the bucket back up with fresh, warm water and with the mop start to rinse the terrazzo tile floors.  Cleaning up all of the dirty water and removing all traces of the cleanser.


Make sure during this process that you dump and refill the bucket up periodically that way you are not just pushing around dirty water on the floor.  You need to make sure that all the cleanser is removed so that you do not leave a film that can end up being slippery when wet.


Once you have rinsed the floor thoroughly, with a clean microfiber cloth all you need to do is buff the tiles out until they shine.  This way it brings the shine back as well as making sure that no dirty water or cleanser is being left behind on the surface.


Before we close this out, there are a couple of last minute cleaning tips that should help you more.  Make sure that you do not use any cleansers that are oil-based.  This can cause discoloration to your terrazzo tiles.  In high traffic areas, lay down rugs or mats to help protect your tiles.  And the last one is to establish a regular cleaning schedule so that you can avoid buildup with the dirt and debris.


When in doubt contact a professional, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your natural stone flooring or if you have any questions.


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