You are probably wondering just what exactly are travertine pavers?    In short, they are made out of natural stone and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  They can be easily matched to one another, to create a beautiful and unique look.  They are designed to be used in both pool and patio areas.


Due to their unique look, this makes them stand out and different than those that chose to use cement pavers or brick pavers.  They are also much more affordable than most other pavers.


One of the main things to worry about, especially with children, is someone slipping by the pool due to the stone around the pool being wet.  One of the great things about travertine pavers is that it is much less slippery than all others.


How are they less slippery than other pavers?  Due to travertine being porous and without a sealant, it absorbs the water, which is what usually makes pavers slippery.  When water sets on top of the paver, this causes it to be slippery.


This is one of the major benefits why homeowners chose travertine pavers over most others, especially those with children.  Which means that they have better safety than most others.


There are several other benefits that we are going to discuss as well about the advantages of choosing travertine pavers, though we will get to some of the disadvantages as well.


One thing that is great is that if they are installed correctly, they will not crack, which means that they are strong and have great durability.  They are great in multiple types of climates, even those further north where it freezes, which travertine pavers can withstand.


If you chose travertine pavers and wish to add onto your deck or the surrounding area around your pool, you can easily add to it.  Also, it is easy to take away or repair anything that needs to be fixed.


Travertine pavers are long lasting when it comes to their color, which means that they are resistant to discoloration.

They also do no tend to contain debris, so they stay rather clean and do not have buildup.  This makes them very easy to clean and usually does not take longer than a few minutes to complete.


If you live in a hotter climate, like we do down here in Houston, Texas, you will find that travertine pavers tend to stay much cooler than the other pavers.  Which is nice because who likes to get out of the nice, cool pool and walk around on smoking hot surface?  Especially if it can burn the bottoms of your feet.


There are, thankfully, not too many disadvantages to choosing travertine pavers, even less if they are installed correctly.  One big one is that though there is a variety in color and patterns, they are still a bit more limited in choices than other pavers.


If you have your travertine pavers installed correctly, you will not need to worry about these disadvantages, but if they were not installed correctly, you may have to worry about them settling and moving over time.


You may also need to worry about weeds and such growing between the pavers if a polymeric sand was not used between the pavers.  The polymeric sand causes them to bind together and harden, which makes it difficult for anything to grow up between the pavers.


Even with these disadvantages, travertine pavers may be the best choice for you.  Make sure to do all research on all pavers you are considering before making a definite choice.


When in doubt contact a professional, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your granite flooring or if you have any questions.

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