Travertine, like most other stones, is rather easy to clean, but there is a specific “do’s and dont’s” that are important to know and be aware of in order to prevent any damages from happening during the process of cleaning.  What is so nice about travertine and makes it so popular of a selection is the fact that it complements just about any design or layout in a home.

One of the important things to remember is that travertine is a sensitive to acidic substances, this means items such as coffee, soda, or wine, if spilled on the surface and not cleaned up right away can cause the polish or finish to full, which is called etching.  They can also stain the stone, though this can be controlled if your stone is sealed.

We are here to tell you about what you can and cannot do with cleaning your travertine flooring.  This is to help you properly care for your travertine flooring and not develop any bad cleaning habits.  Also this will help you maintenance your travertine and prevent as much future damage as possible.


  • Make sure that if any spills happen that you blot it up immediately.  This will prevent any etching to happen and also, blotting instead of wiping will prevent the liquid slipping into any cracks of holes that could cause deterioration or damage.
  • When cleaning up spills or just daily cleaning, you will need to use either a soft cloth or sponge.  You will just need to use hot water when it comes to smaller messes or spills, but with bigger ones you may need to use a stone cleaner specifically for travertine stone.
  • About 3-4 times a year, you will want to use a mild soap to do a “deeper” clean on the travertine.  This will not harm the stone, but it is best to not do it often because the soap film can dull the surface.
  • Using a soft, dry dust mop daily to clean any dirt, debris, or dust is highly recommended.  Also make sure that the dust mop is non-treated so that those chemicals do not damage the travertine.  You can use a vacuum cleaner, though not highly recommended as the wheels can scratch the surface of the travertine.
  • Regular mopping with a specialized stone floor cleaner is recommended as well.
  • Using any form of rug such as doormats, area rugs, or runners near entrances can help catch dirt and debris that can cause damage to your travertine flooring that is carried in on the bottom of your shoes.

Tip:  When hiring a professional to come maintenance your travertine flooring, it is best to ask for “honed”, “tumbled travertine”, or “flamed” as polishing travertine can cause it to be rather slick.  Having this done will make the flooring look beautiful and inviting, also hiding any dust or dirt much better.


  • Any generic or store bought cleaners of any kind are a big no-no.  Avoid any that have acids, alkalis, or other chemicals as this can cause etching, damage, or deteriorate the sealant, which exposes it to potentially more damage.
  • Avoid ammonia, vinegar, lemon or orange cleaners.  These can cause damage as well, similar to the store bought cleaners.  Also just use a sponge or soft cloth with hot water and/or mild stone cleaner when needed.

When in doubt, do not hesitate to call a professional like Floor ReNew Houston.  Please feel free to contact us today to schedule your appointment or if you have any further questions.

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