When it comes to choosing flooring tiles, travertine is a very popular choice.  Due to its close resemblance to marble makes it very popular among homeowners.  It is one of those that look very luxurious and beautiful, also coming in a variety of colors.  There are many pros, as well as cons to consider before deciding on travertine for your new flooring.


One of the big pros is that travertine offers a variety of different styles and colors.  Depending on how much iron is present in the stone will depend if the colorings runs from reds, ivory, beige, to a reddish brown or even a gold.  There are different finishes that can be chosen as well such as, matte, polished, brushed, or tumbled.


If you are looking for something bold and unique, this is another big pro for travertine.  Due to it being a natural stone, you will fine small, vein like forms throughout the stone that form unique and bold patterns.  Very few stone have this uniqueness naturally.  This gives your flooring a unique look that is both bold and elegant.


Do you have a travertine tile or two that need to be replaced?  Thankfully, fixing travertine is very easy and simple.  Finding new tiles to match your current tiles is much more simple than most other natural stones.  You will also find that cutting out the ruined tiles and replacing them is very simple to do.  It is also very reasonable in pricing to fix and install travertine tiles.


The last, big pro with travertine is it is very eco-friendly compared to most other choices in tile flooring.  Due to it being a natural stone, it is made out of natural materials that make it environmentally friendly.


Now after speaking about the advantages about choosing travertine as your flooring tiles, its best to gain knowledge about the disadvantages as well.  It is always best to make a choice on floor tiles after gaining as much information on both advantages and disadvantages.


One of the biggest disadvantages of choosing travertine flooring is due to it being extremely porous.  Natural wear and tear can happen to the surface of travertine due to it having multiple holes in it, which means it is very porous.


The other big disadvantages of having travertine floors is that it can etch.  You must be careful when it comes to foods and liquids spilling on it.  If they are acidic in nature, then this can cause etching.


One of the ways to protect your travertine floors against these disadvantages is by making sure that when they are installed, that a sealant is added.  From there, make sure throughout the years that you make sure that a sealant is reapplied to give continual protection.


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