When it comes to travertine, there’s been an on going debate about whether or not they should add the sealant.  Let’s better understand what a sealer actually does when applied.


Sealant is a form of protection the travertine by creating a clear layer on the surface.  What it does is if a liquid or solid food is spilled on the floor, it slows down the absorption tremendously, which gives you more time to clean it up.


The best way to decide if your travertine needs sealant is by knowing that sealing is really only needed in areas that are in a high risk of staining.  Remember that travertine is a natural and very porous stone, which means that it will absorb liquids.


Certain liquids and solid foods can ruin the natural beauty of travertine tiles.  If they end up being acidic, it can cause etching on the surface of the tiles or even cause stains that can become permanent.


Sealant can act as a barrier that can protect travertine tiles from both potential stains as well as every day wear and tear.  Though sealant can preserve its natural beauty, there is a sealant, which is an enhancing sealant that leaves the floors with a wet look.  The natural sealants will preserve the travertine’s natural beauty.


There are a few things to consider when deciding if you need to seal your travertine floors or not.  Have your travertine floor tiles been polished or honed?  Does a sealing test show that it could be sealed?  Are you planning on installing the travertine in your bathroom, living room, or kitchen?  And how many square feet are you thinking about needing to seal?


If you have your travertine floors polished or find that they are polished, then you will most likely not need to have it sealed.  When travertine tiles are polished, they are nearly stain proof.  During the polishing process, the pores in the travertine are closed, making it stain-resistant.  Even if you attempt to apply a sealer, it more than likely will not be absorbed into the surface.


If you have had the travertine honed, it should be sealed, especially if you plan to have it in the kitchen or bathroom.  This is due to the fact that it’s in the area that liquid and solid foods can spill on the surface and cause issues with the surface of the stone.


It is always best to gain as much knowledge as possible, especially when making an investment in flooring, so that you properly take care of it and it does not cost you more in maintenance down the road.


Though you can apply a sealant yourself, it is a very precise and detailed job.  If you do not have experience or knowledge about how and what sealants are, it is always best to contact a professional, like Floor ReNew Houston.


When in doubt contact a professional, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your granite flooring or if you have any questions.


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